The so-called Bohemian Cistercian Congregation

Ansicht des Klosters mit dem Teich im WinterThe old Order's Congregation, which involved all the Cistercian monasteries in the whole of Austria-Hungary, was divided into three parts after World War One. It gave rise to the Austrian Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, involving monasteries in what remained Austria (except for Mehrau and Stams); secondly, the Hungarian Congregation involving monasteries in Hungary; and finally the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary, founded on the 23rd January 1923, with the two men’s monasteries Vyšší Brod and Osek, the women’s monastery Porta Coeli in Tišnov near Brno; and the two women’s monasteries Marienthal and Marienstern in Lusatia (eastern Germany), and finally Allerslev in Denmark, founded from Porta Coeli after WWI and transferred to Sostrup, also in Denmark, after World War II.

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