The attempt of new foundation, and the unifying the monasteries Rein and Vyšší Brod/Hohenfurth

Die historische Darstellung der KlosteranlageAbbot Tecelin Jaksch was appointed Apostolic Administrator of Rein on November 20th, 1949. He died there on the May 24th, 1954, on his name-day, which was also the anniversary of his election as Abbot of Vyšší Brod in 1925. After his death, Father Nikolaus Lonsing, the last parson and deacon of Vyšší Brod, as the “prior regens” of the orphaned community, attempted a re-establishment in Germany, in the old Capuchin monastery of Schillingsfürst in the Archdiocese of Bamberg. Several brothers followed him there. However, there turned out to be no possibility of development there. For that reason, this re-establishment was dissolved in 1959 and the brothers returned to Rein. No matter how much easier a re-establishment might have been after the war, it was too late for several reasons. The General Chapter of the Cistercian Order suggested that the two communities of Rein and of Vyšší Brod / Hohenfurth be united. This would be beneficial to both groups. The two agreed and an agreement was carried out on the October 7th , 1959, 700 years after the foundation of the monastery of Vyšší Brod / Hohenfurth. Since that time the monastery of Rein has born the name Rein-Hohenfurth and has taken on the obligation to resettle the monastery of Vyšší Brod / Hohenfurth, if the possibility presents itself. Thus the two monasteries Rein and Vyšší Brod / Hohenfurth were connected to an extraordinary extent: from the very beginning, by the foundation of Vyšší Brod through Wilhering and Rein and by the fact that the last abbot of Vyšší Brod became Apostolic Administrator of Rein and the last monks of Vyšší Brod became united with Rein to the community of "Hohenfurth-Rein". In the meantime, death has taken its toll and reduced the number of the original Vyšší Brod community to nine, eight priests and one lay-brother in 1977.

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