Daily program in the monastery

4.15 Rising
4.30 Vigils (nocturnal office)
followed by meditation
6.15 Lauds (morning praise)
followed by the mass of the community (at 10.00 on Sundays and holidays)
Breakfast individually
8.15 Terce (on Sundays and holidays immediatelly after Lauds)
followed by Chapter (assembly of the monastic community) and assigning of work (except on Sundays and holidays)
9.15 - 11.45 Work (except on Sundays and holidays)
12.00 Sext and Nones
followed by Necrologium (prayer for the dead)
Midday meal
Midday break (common recreation on Sundays and holidays)
14.00 - 16.30 Work (except on Sundays and holidays)
16.45 - 17.15 Lectio divina (from 17.15 in the summer season)
17.30 Vespers (at 18.00 in the summer season)
followed by the adoration
Sunday: Eucharistic adoration and solemn Benediction
18:15 Supper (at 18.45 in the summer season)
Common recreation (voluntary)
19.15 Lecture of the St. Benedict's Rule, Collationes (at 19.45 in the summer season)
Compline, Salve Regina

Silentium (strict nocturnal silence)

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