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Address: Cisterciácké opatství Vyšší Brod, Klášter 137, CZ-38273 Vyšší Brod
Guided touristic visits - tel: 00420 380746674, Tel./Fax: 00420 380746588
e-mail for the visits and tours:
Father in charge of guests: 00420 602156127

View of the monastic complex over the Vltava valleyYou are heartily invited to:

  • take part in the guided tour of our ancient monastery with its church and baroque monastic library (the tour lasts about 1 hour)
  • purchase Catholic literature, spiritual music, picture postcards, gifts and maps
  • Fresco above the portary of the monasteryto attend organ concerts of spiritual music in the monastery church
  • to take part in the Holy mass and the chanted Divine Office of the monks.  If you wish to take part in the Hours, we request that you get in touch with us in advance. The times of the choir prayers are available at the website's section "Monastic life" 
  • take opportunity to make a confession or have spiritual counsel with a priest

Opening hours

  • 1st of May to 30th September: daily 9:30-17:00 (beginning of the last tour) except Mondays (closed all days) and Sunday morning (open from 12:30).  Tours at special times are possible by arrangement in advance.
  • 1st of October to 30th April (beyond the season): tours by arrangement in advance only.

Renovated Visitors' center and the monastery's shop and ticket office insideTours of the monastery are only possible with guides from the monastery.  They are conducted in Czech, English or German, or with the written guide texts in Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Russian.  The maximum number of participants 50 persons and minimum number 8 persons. Individual sightseeing is not possible. A short version of the text of the guided tour is available at this website.

Tickets for the tour:  144,- CZK, 120,- CZK for students and pensioners (also in EUR according the current exchange rate). Children up to 6 years of age - for free.

Audioguide close to the initiation through the contact with the graphical symbolGroups that make a reservation in advance will be given priority. To take part in a guided tour, it is necessary to be dressed in a way that is appropriate to the place. For small foreign language groups are available new digital personal Audioguides - now in German, English, Dutch und Czech languages (more languages are being prepared for the next year). These audioguides (NFC standard) will be lent - besides the currently guided language - to the individual visitors for the tour in the monastery.

Confectionery "Café Convento" inside of the monastic complexFurther information is available at the monastery tourist center or at the gate (press „Vratnice“ or „Konvent“ on the intercom device at the main door or at the gate building) or telephone 00420 380 746674.

In the new visitors' center are available the monastery's shop and ticket office, and comfortable toilets and washrooms, and finally the confectionery "Café Convento" - for more information see

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